Strategic Digital Marketing in 2021

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Strategic marketing brings layers to marketing operations that are siloed in most cases to a more concentrated and coordinated effort. A good plan that is closely aligned to the customer needs, vision of the company, its values, competitive environment and the right mix of resources can help achieve more measurable and ROI driven goals. There […]

GIS Application in Industries

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GIS stands for Geographic Information System. It’s a system designed to capture, store, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographic data. In essence, GIS allows us to understand, interpret, and visualize data in the context of location. Here’s a breakdown of the key components: GIS is used in a wide range of applications across various […]

Key questions to be answered before you start your PhD or Doctorate

Hope the above list even though is not comprehensive offers a starting point for someone to start thinking about PhD and how to go about doing it. i’ll keep updating the thread on any new dimensions that come up in my research to find the ideal study area and university for me.

Opensource and Paid GIS Software for Mapping Visualisation and Analytics

These tools cover a wide spectrum of needs, from creating and analyzing maps to visualizing data and performing spatial analytics, making them valuable resources for professionals in GIS, web development, and data analytics across various domains and industries. Proprietary GIS Mapping Tools: Open Source GIS Mapping Tools: Proprietary Web Visualization Tools: Open Source Web Visualization […]

A guide to Geolocation accuracy for apps

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Mastering Geolocation in App Development: Techniques, Accuracy, Industry Applications, and Custom Maps with Mapbox Introduction In today’s tech-driven world, location-based services have become an integral part of app development. Whether it’s for navigation, social networking, or personalized content delivery, knowing a user’s precise location can make all the difference. This is where GPS (Global Positioning […]

How to set up Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB and Volumio Audiophile DAC and Media Server

Why Raspberry pi and Volumio? Raspberry pi is a micro computer and Volumio is the operating system for Raspberry pi which converts pi into a dedicated music streaming software with inbuilt DAC ( Digital to Analogue Converter ) capabilities. Volumio helps to add a lot of features to the music streaming capabilities to the wired […]

Choose the right Web Hosting in 2021

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You have purchased a domain for your business or personal use. In today’s world, a website serves not only as an online brochure but also serves as the doorway to your business in the ever merging virtual and physical world. The pandemic has only accelerated the pace and now when we say a business it’s […]

New Site Launch of Aromal Rajagopal

2021 has been an eventful year and a phase of slowing down in all aspects. Quite happy to work on the website project and launch the same. Writing helps to organize the thoughts and knowledge one has. I find this a good consolidation ground intellectually. The content is largely from my personal experiences, learning and […]