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How to set up Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB and Volumio Audiophile DAC and Media Server

Why Raspberry pi and Volumio? Raspberry pi is a micro computer and Volumio is the operating system for Raspberry pi which converts pi into a …

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Choose the right Web Hosting in 2021

You have purchased a domain for your business or personal use. In today’s world, a website serves not only as an online brochure but also …

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Strategic Digital Marketing in 2021

Strategic marketing brings layers to marketing operations that are siloed in most cases to a more concentrated and coordinated effort. A good plan that is …

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Program Management with Value prioritisation

Program management with value prioritisation in businesses is a long standing business need to be resolved. In this post we explore few of the strategies.

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New Site Launch

2021 has been an eventful year and a phase of slowing down in all aspects. Quite happy to work on the website project and launch …

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