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I’m Aromal Rajagopal. I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

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Aromal Rajagopal is a serial entrepreneur who has served as the founder and co-founding member of six successful businesses. Considered as a strong leader with a remarkable strategic vision by clients and associates, Aromal is able to convert business goals into reality. Aromal serves as an entrepreneurial change agent strategically positioning the organization to maximize stakeholders’ value. He oversees the businesses’ overall strategic direction of top-level initiatives from planning to execution and is a dynamic leader redefining the face of leadership by bringing more sincerity and transparency across divisions.

He is a strategic and visionary leader with proven ability to actuate global transformation with augmented revenue growth in technology services and solutions. Aromal understands the sales and marketing funnel, from top to bottom and maneuvers the ever-evolving ocean of technology with ease by implementing strategies to infuse energy and coaction at all levels. 

He believes in order to have a powerful business transformation, organizations cannot just settle for incremental progress but must pursue performance transformation to move to the top and stay there.

His business acumen channeled by his exemplary acuity guides Carmatec’s corporate strategy to accelerate the organization into a faster developing and more profitable company. A proud recipient of Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Contribution awarded by AIAF (All India Achievers Foundation), Aromal is every bit the avid entrepreneur one might hope—and is as humble as one can get.

A doting husband and father, Aromal loves photography and is a keen connoisseur of cars. A self-confessed philomath, Aromal loves learning new technologies.

My Education

2014 - 2016

Marketing Stategy, Marketing, Completed

Cornell University - Johnson Graduate School of Management
1997 - 2001

B.Tech, Electronics & Communication Engineering

Pondicherry University

My Experiences

2019 , 1 Years 9 Months

CEO - Bitgenics Digital Venture

Bengaluru, India
2018 , 2 Years 9 Months

Managing Director - Carmatec Global

2008 , 12 Years 10 Months

Group CEO - Carmatec Inc

Dallas / Fort Worth Area
2008 , 13 Years 4 Months

Member Board Of Director - RailsCarma

Bengaluru, India
2003 , 18 Years 4 Months

Member Board Of Director - InstaCarma

Bengaluru, India
2003 - 2019 , 16 Years 3 Months

Chairman - Carmatec IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Bengaluru, India
2003 - 2019 , 3 Years 3 Months

Subsidary Of Carmatec IT Solutions

Doha, Qatar

I Have Been Featured In

I've known Aromal for approximately 7 years, and he is a knowledgeable, exacting individual that can absolutely help businesses. I recommend Aromal, and his business to anyone looking for great work.
William D Souder
Leader | Entreprenuer | Pilot | Sportsman | Investor
Aromal provides excellent customer service and is always available to answer questions and handle tasks. Carmatec's services are consistent, reliable, creative and provide superlative work form concept to final output.
Tory Jacob
Design Of Health

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Licenses & Certifications

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Six Sigma Principles


Six Sigma White Belt Certification

Avesta Business Institute

Advance Certification in Software Engineering


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Amazon Web Services

My Projects

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